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Fortunate Souls

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"YOUNG & FOOLISH" Out now!

The brand new mini-album “Young & Foolish” is here… but there’s a little catch!

“Young & Foolish” embodies seven songs! Heart-felt songs which dance around the borders of pop, soul & rock music… songs about growing up, about being young and thinking you know it all… and to realize a couple of years later… you absolutely didn’t. Songs about friendship, love and passion!

Time performed its magic and steered Brenda towards new musical insight and possibilities and into this very exciting collaboration with Dutch hit producer Gordon Groothedde (Marco Borsato, Miss Montreal). They worked together on the songs for “Young & Foolish” in a very intimate and relaxing setting... hours and hours, just the two of them in his legendary home studio. Two of the songs on this album: “You Set Me Up” and “Fortunate Souls” were released as singles over the summer of 2017. Both accompanied by a very personal music video! And so here’s the rest of the album, out into the great wide open, for you to get to know…

Although… there’s a little catch…

Some months ago Brenda conducted a little survey on social media, to examine the sentiment towards real physical CD’s in comparison to the present-day, modern digital media forms. Guess what; although the digital platforms are infinitely convenient and obviously indispensable..most people cherish a warm and sincere feeling towards real CD’s; the smell, the feeling, the signed copies… it’s just different. Remember those days; proudly browsing through you carefully gathered CD library at home, instead of doing the same on a flickering, bright-lighted screen… again, we know… it definitely has it perks… but sometimes…

So here’s the deal; just for fun, Brenda decided to release her new mini-album “Young & Foolish”, but to only make it available on CD… for now at least! So, for those of you who feel like described above..this is your chance to be somewhat cooler than the rest again, to be the first to hear these new songs! And for those who are tied to their flickering screens… you’ve just got to be a little more patient ;-). We won’t let you down… :-)!

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